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Quad Knight Nigeria Limited had her first ever end of year get together on the 20th Dec. 2013.

Quad Knight successfully closed out her Nipex Registration in the month of May, 2014

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Our aim is to provide 'second to none" Engineering, Construction, Oil and Gas Solutions. Certain policies guide our operations...


QUAD KNIGHT's combination of global resources and proven engineering capabilities are what deliver world-class facilities to our clients' while meeting their demanding business needs. Our streamlined global engineering process - from concept to completion - produces consistent results in some of the most difficult and challenging locations on earth by using robust, data centric and technologically advanced engineering methods. Our proven, time-tested design approach is based on a logical sequence of processes that focus on stakeholder input and reducing redesigns that impact cost and schedule. We provide a full range of services including EPC, grassroots facilities and revamps, offshore engineering, FEEDs and conceptual studies, start-up and commissioning, and logistics planning and simulation.

One of QUAD KNIGHT's key strengths is the ability to communicate to our clients and projects teams through our information management systems and virtual work environments. QUAD KNIGHT’s clients benefit both from our cost effective distributed project execution and our ability to utilize our wealth of niche experts efficiently and effectively. QUAD KNIGHT can be trusted to provide a full range of engineering and related services for some of the world's largest and most complex technology, upstream, government and energy projects. QUAD KNIGHT delivers innovative solutions for tomorrow's challenges.

Quad Knight Nigeria Limited offers a full complement of engineering disciplines, allowing us to provide quality results that are representative of our project driven philosophy. We have the expertise to take an offshore or onshore project from start to finish – from conceptual studies to startup and commissioning. Our engineers are among the industry’s most experienced and our desire is to provide a work team that would be consistent from one project to another. Our seasoned veterans (specialists with vast experience in facilities design, vessels, materials, environmental requirements and other specific facets of your project) are complemented by a highly trained cadre of young engineers.

Our intention is to imbibe a culture that inspires, motivates satisfies the clients, partners, subcontractors, and our personnel alike. Thus our multi-faceted design team has the experience to understand how best to approach your project. Our focus is on providing fit-for-purpose solutions based on industry- recognized innovation, adherence to best practices and high scores on benchmarked projects. We promote open communication with other team members, vendors, clients and fabricators to assure project success. Our quality engineering design deliverables promote error-free fabrication, constructibility and installation. We utilize leading-edge 3D modelling technologies and innovative in-house resources to assure high quality design, on or ahead of schedule and on budget. Our capability in engineering includes:

“Our focus is on providing fit-for-purpose solutions based on industry- recognized innovation, adherence to best practices and high scores on benchmarked projects.”


QUAD KNIGHT works with clients around the African continent to deliver the right materials and services on time and at the best price, leading to overall project success. Our innovative procurement services provide a customized solution to meet our clients' specific requirements. As the industry evolves, we see opportunities for organizations to substantially reduce costs by centralizing or outsourcing various procurement processes. From day-to-day materials and long-term assets to complex services, such as freight forwarding and huge modular construction projects, we deliver. Our procurement programs can assist with establishing and enhancing client operations, with a track record of delivering high performance, low risk processes, and first-class customer service. We are original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) distributor for a variety of world-class oil industry products and equipment and offer post installation after sales service with provision for in country stock holding/inventory for prompt or just-in-time delivery of critical service spares. We have the reach and means to procure materials from around the globe through a wide supplier/stockists network worldwide. Our procurement capability includes, but not limited to, instrumentation valves & fittings, process pumps and compressors, large diameter valves, test instruments and oil tools in general. Aftermarket services include spare parts, overhaul and repair as well as engineering and technical support.

SUPPLY OF VALVES, BOLTS AND PUMPS We have the reach and means to procure materials from around the globe through a wide supplier/stockists network worldwide. Our procurement capability includes, but not limited to, instrumentation valves & fittings, process pumps and compressors, large diameter valves, test instruments and oil tools in general.

We are a major supplier of all types of valves for all major projects procurement needs covering ball valves, gate valves, SDV, check valves, butterfly valves etc

Quad Knight Nigeria Limited capability in the procurement and supply of equipment include generators of different capacities, pumps, valves, line pipes, subsea cables and associated materials, automatic tank gauging systems, gas metering systems, amongst others. Quad Knight maintains a strong relationship with reputable manufacturers overseas whose products are used in the oil & gas and process industries here in Nigeria.

Quad Knight secures market for the products and provides local after sales services to the clients who use these products. Our procurement organization encompasses a “one-stop shop” for global project procurement services under an umbrella that includes responsibilities for purchasing, expediting (in-house and field), transportation/logistics, materials management/inventory control and subcontracts.

Our procurement team works closely with the relevant client project execution teams and the vendor to ensure that all communication regarding the purchase and delivery of vendor documentation and equipment is done in a timely manner and in accordance with the project schedule. We believe in integrating the vendor and subcontractors into the project team and leveraging their assets to contribute to the success of [Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.] the project. These long term relationships also allow us knowledge of current market pricing, upcoming / forecasted price increases, potential delivery increases, and labor force availability and restrictions.

The relationship with our vendors and subcontractors extends throughout the procurement organization inclusive of expediting, transportation/logistics, materials management and subcontracting. Details of some of the products we supply are as follows: We continue to maintain Proper co-ordination and communications with Client with regard to any difficulties with import and customs documentation requirements. All products/materials are insured ex-factory to delivery to site.


The goal of our construction unit is to assure the ultimate quality and integrity of your project, with the project being delivered on schedule and within budget. Using In-house construction management procedures and experience, we provide continuity and consistency of project construction management with quality assurance and control that you can depend on.

At Quad Knight, we carefully select our construction teams according to project scope and provide them with the necessary project tools and documentation to ensure the success of the project.

Our construction capability includes but not limited to:

Our construction management teams are involved in every stage of the job, from initiation through pre-commissioning and startup. Our personnel have a variety of hands-on field experience, training and working knowledge of various aspects of construction management tools including but not limited to Constructability Planning, Scheduling, Design, Logistics, Material Handling/Control, Project Controls, Quality Assurance, Installation, Contract Administration, amongst others.

Working with the engineering design team, client representatives, fabricators and installation contractors, we provide constructability input from the front-end engineering through detailed design to ensure that engineering design deliverables are 'constructible' in the field.

Our formal project specific constructability procedures provide the framework for conceptual and detailed design reviews from start to completion. The construction unit also assists in the implementation of the Construction Execution Plan based on the completed design package and performs activities required to solicit bids, select the contractors, construct the facility and pre-commission the facility for start-up. We perform both grassroots and revamp projects and we also perform as-built services for existing plants.


Quad Knight considers the critical aspect of project installation as a major focal area. Together with our strategic partners, Quad Knight Nigeria Limited has the capability to install most offshore fabricated structures in the oil and gas sector. With combined competence in transportation with specialized knowledge of installation, Quad Knight continues to offer a seamlessly integrated EPCI Offshore experience to its clients.


Cutting edge engineering techniques employed for maximum productivity...

Heavy duty Equipments


Leasing and supply of heavy duty equipments for all construction, engineering, fabrication etc activities...

Civil Engineering


The most technically efficient Civil Construction and fast growing civil engineering company...



We have been proven by our clients to deliver fit for purpose installation services, thanks to our vast team of installation engineers...

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